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If you want to learn Chinese, then you should learn pure Chinese. Heyni only teaches pure Chinese!

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Based on your needs, you can find the tutor who fits you the best to learn Chinese

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At Heyni , we will find you the tutor that fits you the best

We select tutors that speak pure Chinese, so that your learning experience is authentic.

Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test

All tutors need to acquire the Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test

Strict Screening Process

5% acceptance rate, and tutors are required to pass evaluations at regular intervals.

Professional Teaching Experience

We provide a high standard training for all tutors to help them upon the road.

Tutors with diverse professional background

Students can choose different tutors to meet their needs.

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Vocab & Grammar

资源 32@2x

Beginner Conversation

资源 33@2x

Conversation Enhancement

资源 34@2x

Conversation Coaching

资源 36@2x

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

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Literature and Advanced Studies

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