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With an acceptance rate of only 4%, tutors are required to pass periodic evaluations to provide the best quality for students.

Teaching experience

1.At least 2 years in Chinese Teaching experience or teaching in public speaking.
2. Have a complete Chinese teaching method, and have good foundation of Chinese language background.
3.Have superior reasoning, crystal clear speech, and a kind heart, people who stand out amongst the crowd.

Language Requirements

1. Mandarin as a mother tone, having a level A Mandarin Chinese level.
2. Master at least 1 other language other than Chinese.

Tutor position

1.Chinese teacher, external Chinese teacher.
2.Announcer, MC, Chinese teacher, external Chinese teacher, public speaker, as well as any other public speaking roles and influencers.
3.Students from famous universities, media personals. Chinese teachers, business personals, as well as IT personals.

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资源 31

Vocab & Grammar

资源 32@2x

Beginner Conversation

资源 33@2x

Conversation Enhancement

资源 34@2x

Conversation Coaching

资源 36@2x

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

资源 35@2x

Literature and Advanced Studies

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