Join Heyni Talk,

become a Chinese language tutor, and let people around you enjoy learning the Chinese language.

Become a tutor, teach anytime, anywhere

Flexible scheduling

Choose the time you would like to work, keep your work and personal life balanced, all you need is to press a button to change your working status.

Professional background does not matter

No matter what your profession is, after you are qualified, you can start your own tutor journey.

Fun to teach

Meet students from different cultural background and learn different cultures while teaching.

Strict Selection Process

Acceptance rate is only 5%. Tutors are required to pass evaluations periodically to provide the best teaching quality for students.

Personal information checking

After registered, tutors are required to complete personal information in the app.


All tutors need to have Mandarin Proficiency Test Certificates 1st grade or equivalent, and higher education background.   

Online Interview, Trial Lesson

Learning more about becoming a tutor through interview and pass the qualification process through trial lessons.


After training, begin your teaching journey!

Register to be a tutor and begin your teaching journey!



Download the tutor APP and register to be a Chinese language tutor.


Complete your information

After the completion, our customer service will contact you and verify your information. After verification, welcome to our team!


Change your working status

You change your working status to online by pressing “My”, then you will be available and searchable in the student app. Students can send you a request to start tutoring.


Set up your schedule

You can select your availability on the “Appointment” “Available” “Add”. Therefore, you do not have to be online all the time. You will receive a notification when there is a new appointment.